Knoll Celebrates 75 Years of Iconic Design with the Washington Collection for Knoll™ by David Adjaye


LONDON, Renowned design and furniture company, Knoll International, introduces an exclusive new collection, The Washington Collection for Knoll™, which includes seating and tables designed by London-based architect David Adjaye.


The Collection was most recently presented at the Knoll Shop in New York in early October. The European Launch of the Collection will take place on November 14th at the Knoll London Showroom.


The Washington Collection for Knoll transforms Adjaye’s architectural and sculptural vision into accessible objects for the home and office. The collection consists of two cantilevered side chairs, a club chair, an ottoman, a side table and a monumental bronze coffee table.


The two cantilevered chairs – Washington Skeleton™ and Washington Skin™ – establish a play between propping and balancing, so that they are simultaneously functional and sculptural. The chairs, with their unique leg design, are available in two materials: die-cast aluminum (Washington Skeleton) and reinforced nylon (Washington Skin). Like complementary inversions of each other, the aluminum chair is reduced to a fine geometric lattice, while the nylon chair offers a colorful envelope to the same form.


The aluminum chair is available in ultra-durable outdoor paint finishes or copper plated, a finish that will patina with age. The nylon chair is available in seven UV-stable colors for indoor or outdoor use.


“It has been hugely exciting to work with Knoll’s team. The design concept has been enriched by the intensely collaborative engagement,” stated David Adjaye, “As a result, this collection challenges materiality and form in much the same way that I try to work within the architectural context.”


Commenting on Adjaye’s work, Knoll design director Benjamin Pardo said, “David is doing really innovative and important architectural projects, and what really interested us was to see that work on an entirely new scale.”


Adjaye’s coffee table, The Washington Corona™ reflects this cross-over. The sculptural table with a clear glass top is constructed from four cast bronze panels, and connecting plates. The roughhewn exterior contrasts the highly reflective, hand polished interior surface.


To mark its 75th anniversary – celebrating pioneering modernist vision to bold contemporary design – the bronze Washington Corona coffee table is limited to an edition of 75. Each piece is numbered and comes with a bronze miniature that serves as a commemorative signature plate.

A geometric club chair, ottoman and side table, available early 2014, complements the expressive organic lines of the side chairs and the cast bronze coffee table. Contrasting faceted laminate and upholstered planes create a dynamic texture.



Washington Skin™, nylon chair
Injection molded, glass reinforced nylon cantilevered chair. The chair’s shell and legs are cast in three parts and are connected using mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel fasteners. The unique leg design is reinforced internally with a cast aluminum brace that is over-molded with nylon. The chair features four integral glides that elevate and protect the leg profile. The chair is available in seven UV stable colors: black, grey, lime, orange, red, white, and yellow.


Washington Skeleton™, aluminum chair
Constructed from die-cast aluminum, the chair’s shell and legs are cast in three parts and are connected using mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel fasteners. The chair features four nylon glides and is available in three finishes: ultra-durable outdoor powder coat paint in black, green and grey; a copper plated finish is also available in a natural state that allows the chair to patina with age.


Washington Corona™, bronze coffee table
The table is constructed from four sand-cast bronze panels, each connected using machined bronze plates that tie the panels together with brass hardware. The exterior of the table is roughhewn from the casting process. The interior panels are machined using a five-axis CNC router and hand polished to a mirrored finish. The top is optically clear tempered, glass top with jewel polished edges.


Club Chair and Ottoman
Faceted plywood and laminate construction, with die-cast aluminum connectors, form the framework for the chair and ottoman. The interior upholstery is supported by a structural urethane shell, and features molded urethane cushions. The chair will be available in a variety of upholsteries.


Side Table
The side table features the same faceted plywood and laminate construction and will be available with a selection of marble tops.

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